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Volkswagen Recalls For Fuel Pump Failure

Volkswagen learned of a Chinese investigation related to fuel pump control modules on 4-cylinder gasoline engine cars that caused the automaker to order a recall for the affected cars in China. Volkswagen ordered the U.S. recall after learning similar cars with the same fuel pumps are sold in the U.S. The fuel pump failures are caused by an interruption in the electrical power supply to the fuel pump control modules that cause the engines to stall. In addition, the fuel pump may run constantly and cause a drained battery. VW says there are two causes to the fuel pump problems. One is the electrical load that causes an increase in heat, and the other is the location of the fuel pump control module underneath the rear seat.Once the module fails, power to the fuel pump will be lost and cause engine stall, or power will be lost to the constant power supply to the fuel pump and lead to a drained battery. 

Volkswagen says it doesn’t have the replacement parts needed to fix the cars, but owners should watch for interim recall notices in October 2017. Second notices will be sent once replacement parts are with dealers. Those VW dealers will replace the fuel pump control modules with improved modules from a different supplier, and move the modules to different locations to reduce heat and mechanical stress.

Owners of 2009-2016 Volkswagen CC, 2006-2010 Passat and Passat Wagon cars may contact the automaker at: 1-800-893-5298 and refer to recall number 20AE